Cartoon and Game Effects

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With Macromedia Flash games and cartoons becoming so popular, the need for scalable vector graphics has increased. This, coupled with Illustrator CS’s Flash-exporting capabilities, make it an ideal place to create graphics for your Flash games and cartoons. While animation tools such as Flash do offer drawing capabilities, you’ll find that none offer the power, control, and flexibility you get from Illustrator. And with the latest versions of Illustrator, you can export your artwork to Flash in a snap. This chapter will show you techniques on how to quickly and professionally draw, color, and manipulate your work in Illustrator. You’ll learn techniques that demonstrate Illustrator’s prowess in path manipulation toots, stroke options, layer maintenance, and live effects. Finally, you’ll see how Illustrator’s guides and 3D effects can help your game and cartoon illustrations achieve perspective that was previously difficult to create.


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