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Visual Experiments with Dynamic Content

  • Danny Franzreb


I would really love to tell you that when friends of ED asked me to contribute a chapter on my favourite new Flash MX feature and on how MX inspires me to break new grounds, everything came to my mind like “BAM here it is”. But in fact that wasn’t the case for several reasons. First of all, Flash MX has lots of new features which I like to use and to explore on a daily basis; the tool has really grown up and become a powerful development environment. Second, my design process naturally works the other way around. Normally I don’t look at the new features of a tool and start thinking about what I could do to design something that corresponds to these new features. Don’t get me wrong, I love to play around with new programs and gadgets pushing them to their absolute limit, that’s one of my preferred past time activities and Flash has been a major part of my life as developer for several years now. But I like to draw my inspiration from my environment; things I observe, people I meet, my family, friends or a wonderful piece of music that leaps through my ear the whole day.

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