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Runtime 3D

  • Brandon Williams


The discovery of 3D has a long history. The Greek mathematician Euclid wrote the first geometry book of its kind called The Elements. In two of the thirteen chapters the foundation of three-dimensional geometry was laid in a series of postulates and definitions. Nearly two millennia later, Alexis Clairaut, a child prodigy in mathematics, wrote the first treatise on three-dimensional analytic geometry at the age of 18. Then 100 years later a Russian mathematician, Nikolai Lobatchewsky, completed a controversial paper stating that Euclid’s geometry was only one specific case of a more general geometry, non-Euclidean geometry. His ideas were as ground breaking as Copernicus and Newton, and played a key role in Einstein’s relativity. The third dimension has been rigorously studied by some of the most brilliant and creative mathematicians in history. This chapter will re-discover some of the creativity in order to create amazing Flash MX demonstrations.

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