3D Programming Tricks

  • Mario Zechner
  • Robert Green


3D programming is an incredibly wide and complex field. This chapter explores some topics that are the absolute minimum requirement to write a simple 3D game:
  • We’ll revisit our friend the vector and attach one more coordinate.

  • Lighting is a vital part of any 3D game. We’ll look at how to perform simple lighting with OpenGL ES.

  • Defining objects programmatically is cumbersome. We’ll look at a simple 3D file format so that we can load and render 3D models created with 3D modeling software.

  • I n Chapter 8 , we discussed object representation and collision detection. We’ll look at how to do the same in 3D.

  • We’ll also briefly revisit some of the physics concepts that we explored in Chapter 8—this time in a 3D context.


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