You Have Won a Few Proposals—Now What?

  • Olessia Smotrova-Taylor


Your company has now won a few proposals and has begun to see some real growth in revenue. Your task is now to gear up for aggressive growth. You have to execute superbly the work you have already won, to generate stellar performance ratings that you can leverage in the past performance sections of your subsequent bids. You have to keep aggressively bidding, raise the number of contracts you win, increase your capabilities, and grow into a major government contractor. You also want to optimize expenses, eliminate waste, and even acquire growth capital or purchase other businesses that will expand your capabilities. In this chapter, we discuss what comes next, after you have gotten past mere survival. We cover the techniques for building and aggressively growing your government contracting business, using internal and external resources effectively, and building a bid engine that will catapult your business revenue to hundreds of millions of dollars and beyond.


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