Technologies Used in Selling

Conferencing, Multimedia, Screencasting, Social Media, and More
  • Jonathan London
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This chapter covers a broad range of technology and our recommended approaches underpinning today’s best sales methods. Technology has enabled increasingly rich sales content delivery for creative and engaging interactions with your customers and prospects. Ignoring this wealth of opportunity to drive interesting discussions and new leads is now a risk. Even if you are not getting up to speed with these technologies, we can guarantee your competitors will be, so don’t get left behind. The technologies we discuss in this chapter also provide more flexibility than ever before and are brilliantly suited for working in an increasingly globalized business world. Imagine being able to instantly call in the help of an expert based in China while you work from your home in Boston and your client is in her office in New York. We explore a number of tools you can use to enhance your sales process, cover more ground than ever before, and ultimately win more business.


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