Talking to the Server

  • Juriy Bura


After reading the previous chapter, you are ready to create a game server and provide a decent infrastructure around it with templates, error handling, and logging. To build a real multiplayer application, however, a server is not enough. The second essential part of the networking architecture is the client. The goal of this chapter is to provide a good level of knowledge of networking from the client’s perspective. In order to do that, we will learn the following:
  • How to load the data from the server without having to reload a web page

  • A newer version of the XMLHttpRequest object called XHR Level 2

  • How to load binary data from the server and parse it on the client side

  • The limitations of mobile devices

  • A few things about reverse Ajax and the options available to implement real-time client-server communication

  • The definition of a transport and the types of trade-ofts involved when a developer chooses a transport for his game




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