Improve Performance with Native C/C++

  • Khang Vo


In this chapter, you will learn about:
  • The benefits and costs to integrating C/C++ code into your iPhone application.

  • Basic concepts in C programming
    • Data types

    • Pointer

    • Memory management

  • Basic concepts in C++ programming
    • Class

    • Memory management

    • Inheritance

    • Template

  • ■ How to work through a real example with SQLite, a database that has a C API.

  • How to integrate C++ and Objective-C++ into your iPhone application. In this chapter, you will learn about low-level programming with C/C++, which is important for high performance applications. It’s true that Objective-C is a superset of C and also a native programming language, but Objective-C adds a wrapper over the C language that reduces performance. If you have ever worked with games and animations, you know that using OpenGL with C/C++ provides much better performance.


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