Falling in Love with IT Governance

  • Steven Romero


I fell in love with IT governance in 2004, after reading the second edition of the Board Briefing on IT Governance (IT Governance Institute, 2003) and just before reading IT Governance: How Top Performers Manage IT Decision Rights for Superior Results, by Peter Weill and Jeanne Ross (Harvard Business Press, 2004), or hearing about their research. I mean it when I use the word “love.” Many people might think that sounds unprofessional but it is truly indicative of my passion for the discipline. Yes, I was already passionate about process (which I will get to later), but it was the principles of IT governance that forever transformed me into an IT Governance Evangelist.
  • • Ensure IT is aligned with the business

  • • Ensure IT delivers value to the business

  • • Ensure IT manages risk

  • • Ensure IT manages resources

  • • Ensure IT manages performance


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