I didn’t want to keep you waiting for too long, so in this chapter you’ll print your first 3D model using the Shapeways Creator and Co-Creator. “What? I thought this book was about using SketchUp to develop models for 3D printing!” Well, you aren’t done with SketchUp yet. You’ll be learning how to develop custom models using SketchUp starting in Chapter 4. But while you are reading and getting comfortable with SketchUp, I’ll go through the steps and show you how to order models. Shapeways offers a huge repository of 3D models designed and uploaded by other users that you can print. Or you can use the Shapeways Creator and Co-Creator to customize models in just a few minutes. However, if you’re excited to learn how to develop models from scratch in SketchUp for upload into Shapeways, then you are welcome to skip ahead to Chapter 4. Finally, we conclude the chapter with a discussion on choosing different materials for 3D printing.


Dust Chrome Shipping Sandstone Lime 


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