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To define scaling, let“s look at a little café. When it opens up, because it’s little, the owner does everything: she takes the order, prepares the drink, and takes the payment in exchange for the coffee. Some time passes and the café becomes popular so the owner hires a barista and a waiter. Now the waiter takes the order and gets the money. The barista gets a slip with the order, prepares the drink, and gives it to the customer. What you should notice here is that when one person did everything, the exchange of the money and the drink happened at the same time. But now the customer hands over the money first and only eventually gets a drink. Is there a risk involved with handing over money before getting the coffee? If a fire broke out suddenly, the customer would have paid his money but received nothing in exchange. However, no one is really bothered by this possibility; they would rather take this extremely small risk in order to get their coffee a lot faster. By separating the “taking of money” and the “serving coffee” actions, the shop can serve a lot more customers a lot faster. It can hire any number of baristas and any number of cashiers to better accommodate the traffic. This is scaling: to accommodate the traffic in such a way that more customers do not slow down the process.


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