How Can I Use Images and Media?

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We have finished our tour of applying CSS to your website design, and you probably have something that looks half decent. The only problem is that we have not covered one vital element of design that gives your website a bit more depth and texture (more than a bunch of colors, anyway). What have we not yet added? Images and multimedia of course! Having images in your design can give your website a lot more visual zest, and it can also help make your design look less boxy and bland. Having images is a vital component of the web, whether you choose to use textures, tiles, background images (huge ones that cover the whole page or small ones that fit into a box), or even if you want a logo or some illustrations to accompany your text (maybe just a slideshow of pictures you took with a camera). Whether you want to create an image to make your design look unique or create a video or audio presentation, this chapter will provide an overview of the essentials.


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