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The bulk of this book up to this point is designed to help you learn the purpose of various methods and classes in the MooTools library. It’s possible, through reading about these methods and classes and looking at the examples, to glean the “MooTools way” of doing things. As outlined at the beginning of this book in “About MooTools” in the Introduction, the following goals are part of MooTools’s core mission:
  • ▪ Don't duplicate code.

  • ▪ Add functionality that fits in principle with JavaScript’s own design philosophy.

  • ▪ Extend native objects (String, Function, Array, Element, Event, and Number) as JavaScript was designed to do.

  • ▪ Write clean, clear, well-named code that is understandable when read by anyone with the skills to understand it.

  • ▪ Abstract as much away from the browser as possible.

  • ▪ Whenever possible, make it still feel like you're writing JavaScript.

  • ▪ Make it modular.


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