Getting to Know DWR


In this chapter, we’ll go beyond the basics introduced in Chapter 1 and do a true meet-and-greet with our new best friend, DWR. We’ll get to know DWR by beginning with a simple question: why should you use it at all for your Ajax needs in the first place? From there we’ll move on to really understanding what DWR is, how it works, and what parts comprise it. We’ll then make sure we have a development environment set up that will quickly and easily allow us to play with DWR, and be able to play with the applications we’ll build in subsequent chapters. We’ll look at all the important facets of using DWR including adding it to a basic webapp, configuring it, and interacting with it. By the end of this chapter, we will have built our first DWR-based application, albeit a very simple one, and will have a firm footing with which to move on to the more advanced topics in the following chapter, and ultimately the applications that make up the remainder of this book.


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