.Mac (pronounced “dot Mac”) is an online service provided by Apple that not only provides basic features such as e-mail, file sharing, and web site hosting but also provides a link between many OS X applications and computers. At the cost of $99 a year, you have to ask yourself, is this worth it? That’s a question you’ll have to answer yourself, but first you need to understand more about what .Mac offers. After all, if all you want is an e-mail address (which .Mac offers quite nicely), Google, Yahoo, and others will give you one for free; however, if you are looking for a complete integrated service that provides added utility to your system and applications, then .Mac may be just what you need. In this chapter, we’ll outline how to set up .Mac and then outline just a few of the features of .Mac, including the following:
  • E-mail

  • Web hosting

  • iDisk

  • System syncing

  • The Back to My Mac feature

  • Application integration


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