Rendering Graphical Data with GDI+


GDI+ is the name given to a number of related .NET namespaces, each of which is used to render graphic images to a Control-derived type. The bulk of this chapter was spent examining how to work with core GDI+ object types such as colors, fonts, graphics images, pens, and brushes in conjunction with the almighty Graphics type. Along the way, you examined some GDI+-centric details such as hit testing and how to drag and drop images.

This chapter wrapped up by examining the new .NET resource format. As shown, a *.resx denotes resources using a set of name/value pairs describes as XML. This file can be fed into the resgen.exe utility, resulting in a binary format (*.resources) that can then be embedded into a related assembly. Finally, the ResourceManager type provides a simple way to programmatically retrieve embedded resources at runtime.




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