Building Visual Basic 2005 Applications


So as you can see, you have many new toys at your disposal! The point of this chapter was to provide you with a tour of the major programming tools a VB 2005 programmer may leverage during the development process. You began the journey by learning how to generate .NET assemblies using nothing other than the free VB 2005 compiler and Notepad. Next, you were introduced to the TextPad application and walked through the process of enabling this tool to edit and compile *.vb code files.

You also examined three feature-rich IDEs, starting with the open source SharpDevelop, followed by Microsoft’s Visual Basic 2005 Express and Visual Studio 2005. While this chapter only scratched the surface of each tool’s functionality, you should be in a good position to explore your chosen IDE at your leisure. The chapter wrapped up by describing the role of Microsoft.VisualBasic.dll and examined a number of open source .NET development tools that extend the functionality of your IDE of choice.


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