Geronimo Architecture


Geronimo utilizes a base IOC platform for building a J2EE server. It provides a runtime environment for Geronimo components called GBeans. A GBean wraps a service implementation to extend the capability of the core platform. In this sense, every function—the web container, the EJB container, and so on—of the J2EE server is implemented as a set of GBean components. Moreover, every user-deployed J2EE application is also represented as one or more managed GBean objects. In this chapter, you explored the Geronimo architecture and its internals in detail. You also saw how to create a simple GBean and deploy it into Geronimo. In Chapter 3, you’ll discover how to use the Geronimo J2EE server for web application development.


Uniform Resource Identifier Life Cycle Event Deployment Plan Parent Configuration Lightweight Directory Access Protocol 
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