The Camera Object and Flash Video


As you have discovered, two simple lines of code make for an outrageous amount of fun. All you need to do is to create a video object on the stage or in a movie clip and feed a webcam signal to it.

We showed you how to create a simple webcam feed, how to place a feed into blocks and stack them, and how to use a webcam feed to create a kaleidoscope effect. These are fairly simple techniques that can be used with FLV files as well. We also demonstrated a couple of intermediate-level techniques that place the user in the action. The Times Square exercise showed how Illustrator can create some rather precise masks for you and the title sequence shows how text can create a rather interesting experience.

The final two exercises were slightly more advanced and demonstrated how a webcam and the bitmap class can work together to create interesting effects, such as a slow-motion effect we call “bucket brigade,” and how the webcam can be used as ...well... a camera.

In the next chapter you are going to build a really useful tool that will allow you to apply all the filters and blend modes to a video in order to answer that age-old question: “I wonder what that looks like?”


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