The Application Operation Engine


In this chapter, we explained and implemented the following:
  • We achieved fault isolation in managed applications using application domains. We demonstrated this concept by implementing a central service controller that is responsible for managing trading operation-related services such as the heartbeat service.

  • We explored the remoting communication framework by implementing a distributed version of the central service controller example.

  • We demystified the secrets behind the remoting proxy with the help of a service directory lookup example.

  • We covered the mechanics of distributed garbage collection and demonstrated how the leasing and sponsorship feature is used in designing remote objects that are subject to garbage collection only after trading hours.

  • We explained the aspect-oriented programming concept that allows the separation of crosscutting concerns from the functional modules.

  • Finally, we designed and developed a small prototype of an application operation engine that enables the instrumentation and management of various subcomponents of a system.


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