Defining the Deck Component


This chapter extended the blueprint given to you in Chapter 2. The blueprint now contains seven steps covering everything from analyzing the UI prototype to writing the JSP TLD. Remember that in most cases you will need to use only five out of these seven steps, since the most common scenario is to extend an existing behavioral UIComponent rather than to create a new one.

As part of the blueprint, you also created a client-specific Renderer (HtmlShowOneDeckRenderer) with all the attributes needed for the component and a renderer-specific subclass (ProShowOneDeck). Finally, you implemented support for the page description of choice—JSP. All of this followed the same pattern introduced in Chapter 2; as you probably noticed, it is not hard to create a component if you have a blueprint to follow, although there is a certain amount of repetition.

From this chapter, you also gained an understanding of the JSF event model and how to implement support for custom events and listeners in your own JSF tag handlers.


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