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Exploring the .NET Core


This chapter introduced some of the core concepts within the .NET Framework, including the CLR, the garbage collector, and the class libraries. The CLR provides a sophisticated runtime environment with advanced features such as memory management, security, exception handling, and so on. This provides the framework within which you can deploy and execute your managed and unmanaged applications. The garbage collector, a component of the CLR, provides automatic memory management such that the performance of the CLR is on par with native compilers and their executable code. Often, skeptics dismiss the improved performance of runtime environments, which has led to tests demonstrating that on the Windows platform, memory management is faster than unmanaged code. The garbage collection of generation-0 objects on a 200MHz Pentium machine takes less than a millisecond.

The power and the scale of the .NET Framework allow you to develop commercial, enterprisescale applications much more quickly than was previously possible. You can now put the knowledge you have accumulated to good use-in the following chapters, you’ll learn how to develop a RSS aggregator using the Mono environment and the .NET Framework’s class library.


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