.NET Graphics Programming


This chapter provided an overview of GDI+ and examined the use of custom controls in the .NET Framework.

You learned that GDI+ is based on GDI. It is a layer over GDI, but adds a lot of functionality to GDI. So, while you’ll usually take advantage of the new, improved programming interface for graphical operations that GDI+ offers, you can always use GDI directly when GDI+ doesn’t meet your needs.

Next, we looked at custom control design and implementation in .NET. The chapter identified three key features that make custom control technology powerful: the ability to produce controls with defined properties, defined events, and a customizable design-time appearance.

Then I noted four areas that you should be familiar with before proceeding with the rest of the book:
  • Managing properties and event handlers in Visual Studio

  • Configuring projects to include various assemblies and namespaces

  • Using the Console class

  • Correctly using classes that implement IDisposable

In the next chapter, you will learn about the drawing surfaces related to the target environments for the graphics resulting from GDI+ coding.


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