Python and the Web

A Quick Summary

As always, new topics were covered—and here they are again:

Screen scraping. This is the practice of downloading Web pages automatically, and extracting information from them. The Tidy program and its library version are useful tools for fixing ill–formed HTML before using an HTML parser. Another option is to use Beautiful Soup, which is very forgiving of messy input.

CGI. The Common Gateway Interface is a way of creating dynamic Web pages, by making a Web server run and communicate with your programs and display the results. The cgi and cgitb modules are useful for writing CGI scripts. CGI scripts are usually invoked from HTML forms.

mod_python. The mod_python handler framework makes it possible to write Apache handlers in Python. It includes three useful standard handlers: the CGI handler, the PSP handler, and the publisher handler.

Web services. Web services are to programs what (dynamic) Web pages are to people. You may see them as a way of making it possible to do network programming at a higher level of abstraction. Two example Web service standards discussed in this chapter are RSS and XML–RPC.


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