Upgrading to Open Enterprise Server


In this chapter, you learned how to perform an upgrade and a migration from Linux, NetWare, and Windows to either OES - Linux or OES - NetWare. To perform the upgrade, several tools can be used. Not every tool can be used in every scenario, however. An in-place upgrade can only be performed when upgrading to the same operating system. This kind of upgrade is supported from NetWare to OES - NetWare and from SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 to OES - Linux. If you’re installing OES - NetWare on new hardware and you want to modify the data before it’s copied from the old server to the new one, the Migration Wizard is the best tool to use. Most flexible of all, however, is the Server Consolidation utility, which can be used to copy data from multiple old servers to a new OES server. With this tool, even upgrades from Windows are supported.

In the next chapter, you’ll become familiar with the Linux operating system used behind OES - Linux.


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