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Family leave is mandated by federal law for reasons of illness, death, and other life-changing circumstances. Maternity leave is required by law (see the 1978 Federal Pregnancy Disability Amendment to Title 7 of the 1964 Civil Rights Act), so your institution must provide it. What is not as clear is how much time you get, whether partners can also claim it as a family leave matter, or what in other countries (such as Sweden) is seen as shared time taking care of a new addition to the family. If you think it will be an issue, check it out in the negotiating phase just so you know where you stand. Feel free to push the envelope since U.S. institutions are notoriously stingy in granting time off and women are notoriously poor in asking for it. In fact, if you are in a position to make such decisions, urge women to err on the side ofself-care. It was sad to hear a recently retired, revered colleague give that advice to her friends, admitting that she wished she had taken better care of herself during her working years.

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