Teaching, first year

  • Mary E. Hunt


Teaching is a wonderful way to share the fruits of years of study (see Teaching). The first year can be difficult as one learns both the ropes of an institution and a lot about oneself as a teacher. Most common mistakes to avoid include putting too much material on the syllabus or taking on too much work on top of the required course load, something to which women are especially prone, given our socialization. People of color are often pressured as well by institutions anxious to show their newfound diversity (see Tokenism). Taking on too much is an easy mistake to make because we all want to make a good first impression and show ourselves to be team players. But it will inevitably backfire as the constraints of time and energy make learning the difference between “yes” and “no” (see Yes and no) a matter of life or death. Burnout is epidemic among first-year teachers, enthusiasm notwithstanding.

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