Independent Black Methodist Systems as Contexts of Transformative Pastoral Leadership

  • Jeffery L. TribbleSr.
Part of the Black Religion / Womanist Thought / Social Justice book series (BRWT)


At the outset of this work the thesis was stated: transformative pastoral leaders are needed to cooperate with God’s work of transforming the Church, the people of God, in light of the perspectives of the past and the challenges of the present and the future. This is essential if the black church is to effectively fulfill its mission in the world—an age of crisis and rapid change. By transformative pastoral leadership, I mean spiritual leaders who are intentionally engaged in transforming persons, churches, and communities. Spiritual leaders are women and men called of God to lead in the pastoral vocation of priestly and prophetic ministry. The purpose of my research is to strengthen the praxis of pastoral leadership in the black church so that it can be a renewing agent in American society.


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