Violence, Law, and Justice
  • Idelbar Avelar
Part of the New Directions in Latino American Cultures book series (NDLAC)


On September 11, 2001, the New York Times reported on the lawsuit soon to be brought against Henry Kissinger by René Schneider, Jr., the son of Gal. René Schneider, constitutionalist commander of the Chilean army assassinated in October 1970, as part of a CIA-orchestrated campaign to destabilize the elected president of Chile, Salvador Allende. As is well known, the Nixon and Kissingerled policy toward Chile in the early seventies culminated on September 11, 1973, with the bombing of the Chilean presidential palace and the establishment of a two-decade long military regime that made extensive use of murder and torture. For the most optimistic among those who continued to struggle to shorten the rift between justice and (the enforcement of) law, the news stamped on the pages of the New York Times that morning might have been a reason for hope. Precisely on the twenty-eighth anniversary of the inauguration of state terrorism in Chile, one of its primary and most powerful orchestrators faced the possibility of being brought to justice. On September 11, 2001, the New York Times brought at least one piece of promising news to those of us who would like to see the law inch a little closer toward justice.




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