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  • Stevie Simkin
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The rationale of this book is based on close analysis of short extracts from Marlowe’s five major plays. The bedrock of that analysis has to be text: for our purposes, that means the collection of Marlowe’s plays we have bought from a bookshop or borrowed from a library, and which should contain (at least) the plays Tamburlaine Part One, Tamburlaine Part Two, The Jew of Malta, Edward II and Doctor Faustus. The latter is often included in two versions which are given the titles ‘A-text’ and ‘B-text’ (or ‘1604’ and ‘1616’ after their publication dates), and I will return to this issue. However, before we proceed any further with an investigation of Marlowe’s work, we must take a closer look at what the term ‘text’ means in this instance.


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