Engaging in Organisational Change



Globalisation is having a substantial impact on the personal social services (Dominelli and Hoogvelt, 1996; Dominelli, 1999; Khan and Dominelli, 2000). Much of its impact on the social work profession has been articulated through the ‘new managerialism’, which has subjected welfare states in Western countries to market-oriented, regulatory regimes including that of becoming cost-effective businesses. The pressures emanating from market discipline have profoundly altered working relations in the welfare arena. These include having practitioners:
  • make better use of existing resources within a residual welfare framework;

  • target provision on those designated as the most deserving of poor people;

  • become more accountable for their use of resources, time and expertise;

  • exercise fiscal responsibility;

  • negotiate with a broader range of service providers; and

  • engage their clients more fully in the decisions made about their lives.

As organisations, voluntary sector welfare providers have become more business-oriented and the state’s role has focused primarily on purchasing services and, through that, enabling services to be created and accessed.


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