Johnson: The Frustration of Power

  • T. G. Fraser
  • Donette Murray
Part of the Studies in Contemporary History book series (SCH)


John F. Kennedy’s assassination on 22 November 1963 passed to Lyndon B. Johnson the only government position he yet aspired to, but in circumstances that would encumber him professionally and personally. The slaying of the popular and charismatic president; the manner, timing and place of his death precipitated, with the aid of close Kennedy friends and family, the creation of a cult of personality that elevated the late president to a position that dwarfed the corporal entity of his successor. In the early days of Johnson’s administration, the resentment, frustration and nagging feelings of inferiority that this inflicted were largely subsumed by his determination to secure the legacy of America’s lost leader. As crises mounted, however, so did his inability to escape fully from the presence of JFK


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  • Donette Murray
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