Prefatory Note to the Frege-Wittgenstein Correspondence

  • Juliet Floyd
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The historical record concerning Wittgenstein was significantly augmented in June 1988, when around five hundred letters to him, from a variety of correspondents—including Georg Trakl, Bertrand Russell, and many others—were discovered in the store room of a real-estate broker in Vienna. The woman who had been ordered to dispose of the old papers noticed the name “Wittgenstein” and stopped to examine them just before they were shredded.2 Among this trove, now housed at the Brenner Archives at the University of Innsbruck, were twenty-one letters from Frege to Wittgenstein. The first is dated 11 October 1914, the last 3 April 1920. These form the entire correspondence between them that is presently known still to exist.

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