“Jeopardy” in the Inorganic Classroom - Teaching Descriptive Chemistry Using a Television Game Show Format



Descriptive chemistry is difficult to teach in the traditional manner. However, it is an important topic in any chemist’s training, as it is at the heart of many important processes and applications such as: Industrial Processes, Analytical Applications, the Environment, Health, Consumer Products, Atmospheric Cycles, Geochemical Cycles, Biological Cycles, etc. Descriptive chemistry forms the historical basis of the periodic table. Nevertheless, it is often omitted from many undergrad-uate courses. The approach described herein allows the instructor to teach descriptive chemistry without “teaching” in the traditional manner. It has been adapted effectively using a series of weekly quizzes. This talk describes an alternative approach based on the format of the TV game show “Jeopardy.” This not only enlivens the classroom, but it also provides opportunities for instant feedback and elaboration on topics covered. The rules of the game are modified so that points are awarded, rather than cash, and all students have an opportunity to earn points for all questions.


Ketone Hydride AsH3 


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