Small Hydropower Resources And Prospects Of Small Hydropower Electric Plants In The Near-Border Regions Of Ukraine

  • Igor Winkler
Part of the NATO Science for Peace and Security Series C: Environmental Security book series (NAPSC)

Small hydropower plants (SHPs) are well-known as comparatively safe and stable sources of renewable electric energy. SHPs can be installed in many rivers including those which are rather small and unsuitable for standard hydropower plants.

Very rich large and small water sources can be found near the border region of Ukraine. These can be used effectively to substitute traditional and even unsafe renewable energy plants and enhance Ukraine's energy security level. The prospective energy potential of Ukraine's small hydropower plants is assessed at 2,500 million kW-hour while its current utilization is only about 170 million kW-h. It is vitally needed to pay more attention and to attract more investment into this field to reach appropriate levels of sustainable hydropower energy production and energy security for the near-border regions of Ukraine and the entire country.


Energy security sustainable energy production Small hydropower plants 


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