Oxidation of Alcohols, Carbohydrates and Diols

Part of the Catalysis by Metal Complexes book series (CMCO, volume 34)


This is one of the most important classes of oxidation effected by Ru complexes, particularly by RuO4, [RuO4], [RuO4]2− and RuCl2(PPh3)3, though in fact most Ru oxidants effect these transformations. The chapter covers oxidation of primary alcohols to aldehydes (section 2.1), and to carboxylic acids (2.2), and of secondary alcohols to ketones (2.3). Oxidation of primary and secondary alcohol functionalities in carbohydrates (sugars) is dealt with in section 2.4, then oxidation of diols and polyols to lactones and acids (2.5). Finally there is a short section on miscellaneous alcohol oxidations in section 2.6.


Primary Alcohol Secondary Alcohol Cinnamyl Alcohol Carbohydrate Oxidation Allylic Alcohol 
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