Social and Aesthetic Drama

  • D. S. Farrer
Part of the Muslims in Global Societies Series book series (MGSS, volume 2)

In this chapter I originally wanted to examine silat students as people who are between social states, as liminal personae, or threshold people (Turner 1969: 95; Van Gennep [1909] 1960). I wondered if silat students in England were more liminoid than their liminal Malaysian counterparts, and I proceeded to compare the training regimes in the two countries with an eye on how training was conducted in the past (Turner 1985: 291–301). I also wanted to know how silat becomes re-enchanted through the students’ ascription of charisma to the guru silat in a process of institutionalized liminality. Eventually, I found the separation between the liminal and liminoid and between ritual and theatre to be unhelpful as these forms are compounded in Seni Silat Haqq Melayu.


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