Some New Results on Fibre Models

  • H.J. Herrmann
  • F. Kun
  • F. Raischel
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Fibre models are used as simple models to describe failure. They are based on the probability distribution of broken fibres. The load redistribution after a fibre yields can be global or local and the first case can often be solved analytically. We will present an interpolation between these the local and the global case and apply it to experimental situations like the compression of granular packings. Introducing viscoelastic fibres allows to describe the creep of wood. It is even possible to deal analytically with a gradual degradation of fibres and consider damage as well as healing. In this way Basquin’s law of fatigue can be reproduced giving good agreement with measurements of asphalt samples in Brazil tests. The histograms of bursts and waiting times reveal universal laws that are independent on the material.


Fatigue Fracture Asphalt Binder Constitutive Behavior Brazil Test Fibre Model 
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Authors and Affiliations

  • H.J. Herrmann
    • 1
  • F. Kun
  • F. Raischel
  1. 1.IfB, HIF, E12, ETH, HoenggerbergSwitzerland

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