In- and On-Line Measurement

  • Henk G. Merkus
Part of the Particle Technology Series book series (POTS, volume 17)


To a large extent, PSD analyses are executed off-line in an analytical laboratory. The advantage of the laboratory is that a variety of techniques, trained analysts and standard operating procedures (SOP’s) are available. Moreover, both instruments and procedures can be checked at regular time intervals, so that good quality assurance is possible. On the other hand, instrumentation for the production line and near-proximity to the line has become available. Such instruments allow frequent analyses without any dead time. Thus, they are very well capable of monitoring and controlling production processes in order to deliver targeted products within narrow limits. This chapter discusses the instrumental options for PSD analysis together with their advantages and disadvantages. Also, quality requirements for process monitoring and control together with available techniques are described. It can be expected that more and more on- and in-line PSD instruments will be used in the future.


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