Diamond like Carbon Films: Growth and Characterization

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Present study is devoted to the application of the DLC films as wear resistant coatings for protection of surfaces of the steel tools as well as to the investigation of the optical and hydrophobic properties of SiOx and silicon doped DLC films. It was found, that in the case of the deposition of DLC on the steel surface chemical composition of DLC/interlayer interface as well as mechanical stress in interlayers and composition of hydrocarbon gas should be taken into account. Raman scattering spectra of the all synthesized amorphous carbon films were typical for DLC films. In the case of SiOx containing DLC films, Raman scattering spectra additional features typical for trans-polyacetylene-like segments has been observed. Contact angle with water of the all investigated films did not depend on the deposition conditions. Absorption coefficient of HMDSO + C2H2 films was several times larger than absorption coefficient of the HMDSO + H2 films, but substantially lower than absorption coefficient of DLC films deposited from acetylene gas. Additional Ar or N2 gas flow during the deposition resulted in increased optical transparence of SiOx doped DLC films (HMDSO + H2 films). Despite lower absorption coefficient, optical bandgap of HMDSO + C2H2 DLC films was smaller that optical bandgap of “conventional” hydrogenated DLC film.


DLC ion beam synthesis SiOx containing DLC XPS study Raman scattering spectroscopy optical properties contact angle with water 


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