Structural Investigation Of Carbonmetallic Nanocompositions On The Basis Of Lamnni

  • E. A. Samedov
Conference paper
Part of the NATO Science for Peace and Security Series C: Environmental Security book series (NAPSC)


In this paper the structural characteristics nanocarbonmetallic compositions on the basis of LaMnNi, received by arc evaporation, have been investigated by the application of the methods of X-ray phase differential thermal and gravimetric analysis and IR-spectroscopy. The LaMnNi compositions free of carbon and containing the carbon nanotubes in its structure have been studied. In diffraction patterns of nanocarbonmetallic composition the lines corresponding to LaNi5 intermetallic phase and to nanostructural carbon have been observed. In hydrogenated samples, the X-ray phase and spectral researches have shown also the presence of MnNiH hydride phases breaking up at 350°C. On the basis of advanced researches the conclusion about biphase structure of compositions has been made, thus carbon nanoparticles a part of compositions raise thermal stability of a metal phase, increasing sorption capacity of hydrogen-containing compositions.


nanocarbonmetallic nanocomposition structural characteristic X-ray phase IR-spectroscopy nanostructural carbon metalhydride hydrogensorption 


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  1. 1.Azerbaijan National Aerospace Agency AZ1106 BakuAzerbaijan

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