Physical and Chemical Bases of Metal Hydrides' Synthesis

  • U. Mirsaidov
  • A. Badalov
  • B. A. Gafurov
Part of the NATO Science for Peace and Security Series C: Environmental Security book series (NAPSC)


We have done systematic investigation of synthesis and properties of borohydrides and metals' alumohydride of I–III metals' groups and aluminum hydride with involvement of theory and methodology of physical and chemical analysis and preparative methods. We have determined the main directions and interaction mechanism in such key systems for development of these compounds as alkaline borohydride — metal's halogenide and binary hydride — aluminum halogenide. We have developed the effective methods of synthesis and crystallization of alumohydride and borohydride and compound complex on their basis and have been identified new hydrogen compound of boron and aluminum.


metal hydrides tetrahydroaluminates of metals synthesis properties 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Nuclear and Radiation Safety Agency (Regulatory Authority) of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of TajikistanDushanbeTajikistan
  2. 2.M.S .Osimi Tajik Technical UniversityDushanbeTajikistan
  3. 3.Tajik Kurgonteppa UniversityKurgonteppaTajikistan

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