Fuzzy Expert System In Determining Hadith1 Validity

  • M. Ghazizadeh
  • M.H. Zahedi
  • M. Kahani
  • B. Minaei Bidgoli


There is a theoretical framework in the Islamic science that helps us to distinguish the valid Hadith from invalid one, named “Hadith science”. In addition to Hadith Science, “Rejal science” that concentrates upon the examination of the characters of those who narrated the Hadith .These sciences together can contribute to prove the validity of Hadith. The main objective of this paper is to determine the rate of validity of a Hadith through a fuzzy system with respect to some parameters. According to view point of expert, the data knowledge base has been designed and the essential rules have been extracted. Then the system was implemented by the usage of expert system software’s. After that the samples taken from” KAFI “ volume 1 were inserted into the data base to be assessed by means of documentary information. The results deduced from our designed expert system were compared with expert view points. The comparison shows that our system was correct in 94% cases.




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Authors and Affiliations

  • M. Ghazizadeh
  • M.H. Zahedi
  • M. Kahani
  • B. Minaei Bidgoli

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