Information Security In S&M Brazilian Companies

  • Emerson José Beneton
  • Antonio José Balloni
  • Miguel Juan Bacic
Conference paper


The Managing Committee for Internet Use in Brazil has verified a migration of the target of attacks from the larger companies to individuals and small and medium (S&M) sized companies, largely due to a lack of security in relation to Internet access. Most of the S&M companies have a total lack of a culture of security. They tend to have problems with employees accessing Internet sites with inappropriate content matter, as well as the unauthorized on-job utilization of instant communicators. This means that it has become relatively easier and more efficient to attack residential and small business users directly. True digital inclusion must be based on an education consistent with the safe and adequate use of computational resources, not just their availability: this will contemplate both the existing networked companies and entrepreneurial networks. Governmental organs are taking initiatives to facilitate the acquisition of informational products by smaller companies and the population in general, but educational campaigns are also necessary so that such resources will truly bring about an economic and social evolutionThis work deals with these concerns and intends to instigate a reflection about the evolvement of society information processing and its related securities aspects (the motivation of why security is important in such a context) as well as on the negative social impact on S&M companies.


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  • Emerson José Beneton
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  • Antonio José Balloni
    • 2
  • Miguel Juan Bacic
    • 3
  1. 1.ABCTec - São Bernardo do Campo – SP/BRBrazil
  2. 2.CenPRA/MCT – Campinas – SP/BRBrazil
  3. 3.IE/Unicamp – Campinas – SP/BRBrazil

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