Organocatalysed Aldol Addition

In the field of catalytic and enantioselective aldol additions the area of organocata-lysed aldol addition has shown the highest rates of increase over the last 10 years. Hence the organocatalytic methods are developed at a very rapid pace. Numerous reports were published and for that reason only a selection of the most important results can be given here. Aldol additions and condensations of aldehydes and ketones in the presence of amines have been known for a long time. But the full potential of their synthetic utility especially with regard to stereoselective and catalytic execution has been discovered systematically over the last 10 years only. For comprehensive overviews of this development see reference.1,2,3

The prototype of this transformation is the working mode of class I aldolases. These enzymes bind the substrate temporary and covalently via an enamine-imine formation as it is shown in Scheme 3.7.1. A lysine residue can then initiate C—C bond formation or cleavage.


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