The Distribution of Atmospheric Aerosols: Transport, Transformation and Removal

  • Sunling Gong
  • Leonard A. Barrie


Because the time for air parcels to circle the Earth on winds in the troposphere is of the same order of magnitude as the residence time of atmospheric aerosols, there is no location on the globe that is not influenced by aerosol sources. Once released into the atmosphere from primary production or produced via gas-to-particle conversion (for source details, see Chapter 3), aerosols are subject to many processes that affect their global distribution, chemical and physical properties, and hence their influence on climate, weather, human health and ecosystems. They are dispersed in the atmosphere through processes of advection, convection and turbulence. They are also transformed and removed by physical and chemical processes involving clouds, precipitation as well as processes occurring in cloud-free air. During the life cycle of an aerosol in the atmosphere, gas to particle conversion and mixing of aerosols from different sources changes the chemical, physical and optical properties of the original aerosols.


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