Special Lurie-Type Control Systems

Part of the Mathematical Modelling: Theory and Applications book series (MMTA, volume 25)

In this chapter, we present some necessary and sufficient algebraic conditions for the absolute stability of several special classes of Lurie-type control systems. Moreover, the algebraic sufficient conditions for absolute stability of other systems are obtained. All conditions are convenient in applications, in particular, for designing absolute stable control systems, or for stabilizing nonabsolute stable control systems.

Part of this chapter is based on the results of Ye [163], Xie [158], and Zhang [177] (Sect. 5.1); Liao [72, 78] (Sects. 5.3–5.5); Letov [63] (Sects. 5.2 and 5.4); and Shu et al. [136] (Sect. 5.6).


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