Prostate Carcinoma: Evaluation Using Transrectal Sonography

  • Ahmet T. Turgut
  • Vikram S. Vikram
Part of the Methods of Cancer Diagnosis, Therapy, and Prognosis book series (HAYAT, volume 2)

Prostate cancer (PC) is a major medical problem as well as a significant public health challenge that has economic effects. At present, it is the most commonly diagnosed visceral cancer affecting the male population. The reported annual incidence rates for the disease vary within the range of 1.9/100,000 for Asian men to 137/100,000 for African-American men. According to 2004 estimates from the American Cancer Society, 230,110 new cases of PC were diagnosed in the United States (American Cancer Society, 2004), which is nearly one-third of all new male cancers.


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