Duration of Class Sessions and the Problem of Teaching Method


Significant changes in school organization and the processes of teaching and learning must come to grips with the use of time in schools. Time is the avenue on which all life travels, so inevitably it determines a vast range of thoughts and acts in every human pursuit. The ordering of life in schools is, therefore, deeply connected to the manner in which time is construed and constrained by school personnel. Educators have written about time in schools in publications too numerous to mention here, ranging from philosophical and psychological approaches to the most practical questions of arranging class schedules (Hargreaves, 1994, chapter 5; Sharan, Shachar, & Levine, 1999, chapter 8). A glimpse of how thinkers from many disciplines have considered the meaning of time can be gotten from the volume edited by Fraser (1966), and from such diverse studies as those of the philosopher Henri Bergson (1910) or the renowned physicist Stephen Hawking (1988), the former near the beginning of the twentieth century and the latter toward its conclusion.


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