Operational excellence in training, research and consultancy of more than a decade, has resulted in crafting this book. Our aim is to make learning so much more fun than learning from books or traditional classroom setting and as the name indicates more emphasis on practical knowledge. The primary focus on ‘application oriented system design’ is to bridge the gap between industry requirements and students’ skill set. Read through and implement the code presented here for your laboratory experiment and we promise that your employability skills will be significantly increased as you will be closer to the industrial applications described here. Starting from fairly basic experiments such as LED, LCD interfacing this book will show you how to go about realizing bigger systems and complex applications. However, the potential reader of this book should have a basic knowledge of C programming and initial practical experience in compiling and debugging programs. It is ideal for programmers and engineers who already have some understanding of programming and who now wish to gain a solid understanding of the use of C for embedded systems. Even if you do not have any experience of C in an embedded system, you will successively build it with the participating approach of the book. The hands-on training approach and lots of industry oriented real life exercises will take you to a large step forward in your Embedded C-programming. Thus this book is an opportunity to program a test embedded system using industry standard development tools and debugging aids. The importance of embedded systems is illustrated by following that now 94% of the chips/microprocessors produced in the market are for embedded products.


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